Squeezy Cube on iOS and Android. RELEASED

I am proud to share Squeezy Cube my first game release. Available to download free on iOS and Android.

App Store: http://bit.ly/SqueezyCubeiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/SqueezeCube

Squeeze, squash, dodge and jump your way through different levels daily in Squeezy Cube!
Collect your gang of Squeezy’s and customize them with stylish hats in this hyper-casual arcade runner.

Level-up, upgrade and unlock new abilities to reach amazing speeds.
Help your Squeezy’s go the distance in daily procedural levels and compete for the top place on the leaderboards to be the squeeziest!

Squeezy Cube was originally an entry I made for the 2018 Spring#ue4Jam

It has come a long way since the original Jam entry, I spent I think two and a half to 3 months changing up the gameplay and making it work on for mobile and doing a complete visual overhaul as well as adding in a number of other systems and learning how to develop and release a mobile game before shipping it on Android. Then looking at iOS since then and running into lots of problems until eventually was able to solve or find other solutions for.

Shout out to Patrick from GameDNA with all of his help and great customer support solving some issues I had with his amazing plugins UltimateMobileKit.
As well as Epicleaderboard.com for their amazing leaderboard plugin and the help they gave answering my questions. I ran into issues with Game Center on iOS that I have still yet to solve, so this was the perfect addition to replace Game Center leaderboards. Not to mention them being cross-platform so you can see the high scores from both Android and iOS!
Also, Eric from soundimage.org for making his music available to use in our projects.
And of cause to Epic for their amazing engine that allows us all to create and share what we love!

There are still a number of bugs and a few crashes that I have been unable to fix. At this stage, anything under an iPhone6S on iOS crashes on load but I will endeavour to develop and fix up what I can! But I hope that some of you grab it and enjoy it. It is a small leaderboard chaser game with cute characters to collect and upgrade that has a decent amount of hidden depth to achieve high scores!

If you do check it out please let me know what you think and leave any feedback and comments you have.

Thank you and happy Squeezing!

Website: www.squeezycube.com/

The cube is cute!! Simple but well done!

Thank you exadi! Yeah, it is just a simple game but there is a little bit of depth to getting higher scores like trying to keep your score multiplier high before the level gets faster and collecting the coins to add extra points :slight_smile:

Congrats on it being a spotlight project! It looks great. The website does too. Good luck with your game. :slight_smile:

Thanks RealCookieGames! Glad you like the look of it. And yeah it was pretty cool seeing it spotlighted in the launcher!

Look so great. Is it made in blueprint or c++ ?

It was made in blueprint. :slight_smile:

Very nice!