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I’m a new user. I work primarily in Rhino and Maya to model architecture and environments. I’m wondering: is there a simple way to post an Unreal “build” onto my Squarespace page? Like could I model a building in Rhino, pop it into Unreal, and then put it on my Squarespace as a playable environment that a client could easily click on?

Thank you for your help. I apologize for my newbie question.

what do you mean by simple?
you can use any cloud solution like google drive or one drive or dropbox, etc.
that is for the client to access and download, then be able to actually use it.
if you want something that is interactable in a browser, look into pixel streaming

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UE4 used to have support for HTML5 which allows you to run complex 3D apps in a browser, but they dropped support for it a few versions ago.
If you’re doing environmental work there’s plugins out there for websites where you can take a 360-degree render and then have it set up on your website where you can view the render and rotate the camera and stuff.

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Thank you for your reply @didel23. What is pixel streaming and where can I look into it?

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@darthviper107. I’m super disappointed to hear that there is no workflow to run an Unreal app in a browser. However, what’s the best plugin for running a 3D model in a browser? Unreal-sponsored or not?