Squareface (by VAN CUBO)

Squareface is a premium 3rd-person action RPG, designed for iOS.
Squareface on the App Store

Your square-faced, cool, adventurous, paper character finds itself in an unknown and very engaging universe and has to uncover the mystery of the cardboard, paper figurines. The character will learn great skills to master the environment and to confront its arch nemesis in an intriguing and suspenseful action story.


  • 40+ original story missions
  • large environments
  • full retina display support
  • dozens of character customization options
  • base building and defense
  • ally and pet management
  • complex and intuitive weapons mechanics
  • vehicle and garage management
  • game center achievements and leaderboards
  • unique skills system
  • iCloud sync with multiple devices
  • original soundtracks
  • craft trophy-like paper toys exactly as your favorite characters

The purpose of the game is to have genuine fun whilst completing all the challenging missions, destroying all enemies, exploring and discovering a vast world filled with present day items and secrets. The player will be able to use various weapons, vehicles, gadgets, even a pet A.I., and build cardboard structures to successfully achieve the set goals.

Square face. Round universe.™

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A big thank you to EPIC GAMES.


Man this looks awesome and really fun :smiley: Unfortunatley I dont have an iOS Device :frowning:

wow it looks absolutely brilliant

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Looks like a cool game, is a Android version planned?

Thanks :slight_smile: Not yet.

Looks really cool! I especially like the style :smiley:

This looks really good, well done, Have no IOS device though :confused: Hopefully support for android in futur!

Thanks for the support. This indie team really appreciates it :slight_smile:

I love the mood ! :wink:

Collectables / print your characters:

Great marketing idea, i think this could be a thing, port it to android when you have time :slight_smile:

Great work, good luck.

Big update :smiley: available now.