Square Water Effects on Landscape - Bug


During my design work on my map for ARK, I’ve run into a very strange bug.


I’ve tested a few things by building the geometry, updating the reflection captures, and then adjusted the engine scalability settings. When I did, I narrowed it down to shadows as the moment I turned them off, the problem disappeared. Is there any way to fix this or is there anyone that has had a similar problem?

Thanks for any hints in advance!

-are you lights set to dynamic?/what happens when you set them do dynamic?
-do you get the same effect when you remove the material from the plane?
-what happens when you disable the reflection in the material? :slight_smile:

Have you find solution of this problem? I found this bug too.

What about a fade distance node for the water’s edge?

Any solution for this yet? thanks

hi have this problem also someone knows what to do there please help