Square meters floorplan ue5 or ue4

Hi there,
I have a question. I want to measure the square meters of a floorplan inside unreal. Like in a archviz project I want to click the floor and see the m2. Now I got it to work when the floorplan is squared like, but i am accually looking for a blueprint that can tell the square meters when the floor is not a square and with holes in it. So to summ up. I need the m2 of a surface with holes in it and (maybe)angles. :slight_smile:
Hope someone can help me. Cant seem to find it on the internet.


As far as I know there is no possibility in the standard GUI to do what you want.

But what you CAN do is measure distances.
Simply switch to another view (for example the TOP view) by clicking on “Perspective” in the upper left of you viewport. When you are in one of these views you can use the middle mouse button (or pressing the scroll wheel button) and drag it. Then the system shows you the distance between the start of the drag and the end.

The rest is math.

Could you have every object as a blueprint actor and functions to calculate their own m2 and then add all these together and subtract it from the floor to get the final results in m2?

By using an enum on the master blueprint, you could switch between different calculations based on the type of the shape and then type in some float values that would be used in that function for calculations.

Blueprints - not 100% sure this can be done in pure BP. Very doable in C++, though.

Here’s the idea:

  • turn the static mesh into a procedural mesh
  • iterate through all triangles that are facing up (dot product if the floor is uneven)
  • add their size together

Give it a go, see how far you can get.