Square collision component on character

Hi guys.

I’m trying to make a 2d platformer, using a character that doesn’t have human proportions, is more like a 1:1 ratio (like a cube).
the problem is that if i use a Character and try to adjust the capsule to this proportion, the capsule would be more like a sphere collider.

The problem comes when i try to jump on the vertex or corner of some obstacle, the rounded capsule would send my character flying towards the side.
( will use the example of a question that already exists).

Ok, so i could make my own pawn movement component, but the thing is, i want to make this game networked, and re implement all the logic and the client side prediction which is really a lot of work for something that is actually already implemented.
Also i would want to make the component move more like old platformers, no accelerations, and i think i have to modify the movement component to do this (or again, re implement the pawn movement component for myself)

Any help here guys?