Squad- and Roleselection system

Good day/evening,

I’m trying to create a Squad- and Roleselection++ system for my Multiplayer First Person Shooter. This is a system that exists in almost every first person shooter. Although it is common in every FPS game, there isn’t any examples or tutorials on how to create one. Therefore, I hope that there are some good and helpful people in this community who can put me on the right path and help me through this. I’m going to share the entire project completely free, if I ever get that far. I had really hoped that we together could create an open FPS system template, which is available for anyone who uses the Unreal Engine (My wish).

Is there someone who can make a line diagram with variables and how this system should be built?


Begin Play (After joining Server): Team selection -> Squad System -> Roleselection -> Equipment selection -> Deploy/Spawn selection

Team Selection:

	- 3 buttons:
		- Team A (Showing Number of Players on this team)
		- Team B (Showing Number of Players on this team)
		- Random Team

Squad and Roleselection:

Create Squad:
	- Nations (Dropdown Menu) + Squad Type (Dropdown meny) + Create Button = Create a new squad
	- Each Squad type have different roles / number of roles.
	- The player who create the squad will automatically become the Squad Leader.

Overview of available Squads and roles (See picture below):
	- Team A / B gets up each list of existing squads and the opportunity to create a new one if not the limit is reached.
	- Roles that are taken appears with player names.
	- Each role has its own character mesh.

Equipment selection:

	- After the player has chosen squad and the role, so he will be sent to Equipment selection for the specific role and nation.
	- Each nation + each role has different equipment (Primary Weapon, Secondary weapon ect).
	- Inventory system for (Primary Weapon, Secondary weapon ect
	- I will try to use the Diat Funa-example.

Spawn selection:

	- MainSpawn (MainBase) + Dynamic Spawnpoints created by players (Team A and Team B).


To be completely honest, I pay without hesitation 400+ USD for such a Multiplayer ready system. Send me a PM if you want to earn some money :slight_smile: