Spritey Paper2D platform adventure

I’m new to the forum, only downloaded the Unreal Engine recently. I’ve started working on a little game, partly just to give me something to do whilst I’m trying to get used to the engine, but hopefully I’ll end up with something fun to play, although it will be very simple. It’s going to be a platform adventure game based around characters who want specific items, the player has to go find the item and bring it back to the character who will then do something to help the player progress.
Here’s a video of what I’ve done so far, all very much WIP, I plan to work a lot more on all the sprites and textures and some animations, but I wanted to try to get a bit of gameplay working first.

Cool artwork, reminds me of the books I used to read as a child :slight_smile:

Thanks ULLS, yeah I’m very much going for that kids storybook feel.