SpriteUV - concave mesh sprite packer

Hello everybody!

Happy to present you SpriteUV]( concave mesh generator and packer.

Some key features:

  • Extremely tight. Additional 30%-60% texture free space compare to square or other concave packing algorithms
  • Concave mesh from sprite
  • Per sprite adjustments
  • Export to OBJ or COLLADA. Ready to use in any 3d application
    and in UnrealEngine via Collada to FBX converter](
  • Free version is available

*Characters created by amazing artist Little Druid](

size 512x512
triangle count 247

To download and for more information please visit

We have feedback from users that some antiviruses were throwing false alarm on installer file. The problem was in obfuscator settings. Now every anti-virus is happy.

Please those who suspected SpriteUV as virus or harmful software, give it a chance to prove that it’s nothing but very useful tool.

Thank you for your suggestion, I’m pleased to inform you that new version with this feature is available. You can select which file format you would like to use in Atlas Settings
Also critical bugs related to image pixel format were fixed.

New version is available. Huge critical bug fix:

  • Crash on item selection

Please, if you discovered a bug let us know, it’s very important

Tutorial - how to use
And new version is available:

  • Command line interface

You mean there is no injection here?

I’m happy to inform you that SpriteUV is finally released and it’s still free!

What’s new in version:

First non beta release

  • ​Minor bug fix
  • Small “tight quality” value generates minimal bounding box
  • Sprites with the same path will not be added

Looks like a very clean and easy to use tool, definitely interested to see how it improves workflow for people making 2D games with UE4 and Paper2D.