Spritesheet for mesh for Particles

So I basically would like to use a sprite sheet material to be used on a mesh, which I then use as a mesh-particle.
This to give me some more control over a few certain effects I have in mind.

Not sure how to explain it better than I just did.

I looked at the tappy chicken game to see how the chicken is sprite-animated… but I don’t think that approach will suffice for particles.
Unless I make a material instance for each particle, the particles would all be in sync.
Which isnt what I want… as I would like them to feel random. This is all but optimal.

Any thoughts? stuff to check out or advice on how to achieve this?


Hey Luos -

Ok I tired to read your mind and determine exactly what you are looking for and I think I have at least a starting point for you.

Here is the Material setup. You can see I am using the Dynamic Parameter to control the number of Us and Vs as well where along the animation timeline I want to show (ManualControl Parameter). You should be able to then set up a randomness by using a uniform min of 0 and max of 1 and make sure that Spawn Time Only is checked true.

Let me know if this isn’t exactly what you wanted or how I can better answer your question and I will.


Cascade (Important Note about Clamp):

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks Eric, Ill try it as soon as I find some time. (should be in the next few days)
/me hugs Eric.