Spritesheet flipbook not working as intended

I have a spritesheet for a skeleton character I got from a nice guy who was offering it. I made sure all sprites in the spritesheet were 6 pixels away to all be the at the same distance apart.
even so, when I extract the sprites into unreal, the animation becomes very weird, it doesn’t lock the animation to the feet of the character, instead it plays it wrong

How its supposed to look:


how it looks:


EDIT: I managed to place every single sprite next to each other with the same amount of pixels for many animations and grid sprite extraction mode managed to fix it.
My idle animation is still animating incorrectly though… I will keep looking

I put all animations 5 pixels apart and they are 24 pixel length to see if that would fix it, extracting them in grid mode. but still not fixed

anyone know?

Better late than never, I have no idea if you have fixed this but, this is because your sprite is not centered correctly, it should have the same width per frame and your skeleton, in this case their feet, should be on the same spot at all times to achieve the look you want. Your sprites were cut along the edge of the ax, that is why it looked wrong and the ax didn’t move. In my case, I moved the sprites to have their feet not move and have a constant 124x137 image size for each frame.