Sprites with glowing parts

Hey guys! I’d be extremely grateful for any help!

I need some serious help with getting specific parts of a sprite to glow. I have a paper 2D sprite, a character, and I want specific parts of that character to glow. I want the rest of the sprite to stay normal without glow.

  • My setup:
    • I have a sprite with transparent background (a .png file) which has
      the character on it
    • I have the default material of the sprite set to the material in you see
      on the screenshots
    • I have the want-to-glow parts on a separate image too, also a
      black-white mask file of them (in
      case of needing them)
    • The material shows exactly how I want it to look on the material
      editor preview, BUT on the sprite
      it’s not emissive at all

I want the sprite to look like this in-game (as in this preview area):

This is how it looks (no glow, masking doesn’t work):

As you see on picture 2, the glow wants to apply, it brightens the diffuse texture (gold) to almost white-ish colors, but it’s only brightness on it, not glow. Also the masking doesn’t work, but on the material preview it does, there’s no black square.

I’m almost certain the problem is that I’m using the wrong maps at the wrong nodes, and some setup on the left side properties of the material.
(PS: tried Unlit/Masked/Default Lit and Transculent/Opaque, no success with current setup) :frowning:

Please if anyone has a solution, help me! It’s my first project with sprites, don’t be too hard on me! :frowning:
Thank you in advance guys!

How does the sprite look when placed in the game?
Do you have a screenshot of that you can share?

If you place the sprite in a map and add bloom post processing, it will definitely glow.