Sprites following a spline

I’ve created a blueprint to make a sprite move back and forth along a spline. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it?


I assume your “Movement” track values go from 0 to 1. If it’s not the case, you would fall out of the spline. What behaviour are you experiencing?

if you have set your timeline with autoplay and loop checked (what the two symbols at top right of the timeline say), you don’t need an event begin play (which may be your trouble)
If it does not work without it then it may come from your timeline as IMC.Wander said, or from your sprite.


“Get World Location…” not “Get World Direction…”

You are right Mhousse, i didn’t see it !

Right! I didn’t see it either. One thing. If the paper sprite is the root component and we move it, will the other components move along? I guess yes, no?