Sprites don´t get effected by light source?


I have been using the 2D art pack that you can buy on the marketplace.

But i can´t seem to get the light to work, any form of light source i use don´t effect the sprites.
I can´t find any options to turn them on either. Is there any other technique to use light with sprites?

I want to get something like in the screenshots on the marketplace.


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Thank you.

This is happening for me too.
Is there any information lighting for Paper2D?
What might prevent lights from lighting sprites?


Here is some very helpful documentation on the Paper 2D in the Content Examples project which is available to you for free in new “Learn” tab section of the launcher.

I hope this helps!

This is easy:

-Go to the sprite and open it.
-In the details tab, at your right, change default material for “DefaultLitSpriteMaterial”

This will make your sprite have a DefaultLit material instead of a Unlit one, so the material it uses is not using emissive color.

what if you dont have the lit material in project folder?