Sprites blurry after open Level

Hey @ All,!!

im working at a 2D Paper Game and have some problems by changing Level.

I use Open Level but after levelchange evything looks blurry and need some time to render.
Is there a way to wait in loadingscreen until its loaded completly?

After opening Level:

Waiting 3-4 Seconds:

Yeah, that’s the texture streaming. I don’t think there is an “on finished loading” event you can bind to, unfortunately. My question is, what is the resolution of your spirtes? It looks like you are going for a pixelated look, so the textures could be small. You probably noticed that you don’t scale up the textures, they look blurry, so you scaled them up, right?

This may sound unrelated, but bear with me and please respond.

I followed the tutorial from Unreal, you can see here:

The resolution of the sprites should be arround 20x10 pixel.

Hmmm… I was hoping that the resolution was large enough to make it take awhile to load textures.

The easiest solution I can think of right now is to just lock the game and show a loading screen for a few seconds to approximate the amount of time it takes to load the textures.

Don’t know if it’s to late but in settings unmark this TextureStreaming