I was curious about paper 2d and learned of the making sprites etc etc etc. But I then came across a modestly priced and very powerful looking tool. Is it possible to use Spriter ( in paper 2D, I know there was talk of it while it was in beta but have heard nothing since. Thanks guys.

Unfortunately there is no support for spriter at this moment (nor for any skeletal software in matter of fact) and there wont be for at least another 6 months to a year which is a bummer. You could use spriter though to animate everything , export a set amount of frames as png’s and then import them into Unreal. It is not as performance efficient as using only a set of png’s for all of your animations (you will end up with hundreds or even thousands of png’s depending on the complexity of your game) since the system would only have to tween those png’s in realtime, the size of the exported game would be a lot smaller because png’s do tend to eat up space and it is time consuming BUT it is doable.