Spriter integration (2D game animation tool)

Looking for a tool to help create 2d animations for games found this beautiful project:

Project page: Spriter by edgar muniz — Kickstarter

Website: http://www.brashmonkey.com/index.htm

Video with lastest features: Spriter Version B6 Pro Features Teaser - YouTube

There is some attempt to integrate this tool with Unreal Engine 4? Any plugin or anything at all?

If not, can someone point me the right approach to accomplish this?

Spriter exports a XML file with images, locations, rotations, opacity and other information. How can we make UE4 understand this and create animations with?

Hi Mordachai,

Currently I have not heard of a plug-in being developed for this tool, but it would be great if you felt like making one. You may wish to speak to the creators and ask for their permission to create the plug-in. I will ask our 2D developer for his thoughts.


Thank you for the response .

Actually the project was funded in April 2012. The software is still in development, but there is a already a free and a pro version avaliable here: http://www.brashmonkey.com/index.htm

I’ll open a thread in their plugins forum and chat with our programmer. It seems a awesome software to goes unnoticed.


are there any news on this? Would be great if you could import Spriter files in UE4.


following post in case a Spriter → UE4 pipeline is figured out. I’m all ue4, but until there’s confirmation that my finished Spriter product can easily be implemented in UE4, i’m not going to bother w/ Spriter Pro