Spriter For UE4

*[SUP]Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, but whenever I try to install the plugin, either in the engine plugins folder or a project plugin folder, It always wont load the plugin. I’ve tried on 4.14.1, 4.13.2, and 4.12.5 and all produce the same result.

The error it gives me is “Missing or incompatible modules in Spriter plugin - would you like to disable it?”. It happens across all the engine versions that I have listed, both as a project plugin, and as an engine plugin. No idea what’s happening here, haven’t had issues with installing plugins from github before. If I choose to not disable the plugin it loads further untill it crashes saying that “Plugin ‘Spriter’ failed to load because module ‘Spriter’ could not be found.”

Any help would be appreciated
[SUP]EDIT: Never mind, I’m an idiot, didn’t realize I needed a C++ project for it to compile the plugin[/SUP]

EDIT: After compiling the plugin I am also facing the issue that LordTorsten85 is having

Sorry for not being very active, i’ve actually decided to quit working on this plugin mainly because i found the inspiration to create an In-Engine editor for this type of thing, so that way i could have my own data structure. Gonna release it most likely once i get more work done on it.

To solve your issue @MindSpunk and @LordTorsten85, the plugin still has quite a few bugs, and the one you two are falling into, the Plugin requires that your “Files”(Sprites) come from a Folder, one preferably with a name, hence the reason for the error. Just add your Sprites/Files to a Folder, then in your SCON file add a, “name”: “FolderNameHere” under the Folder brackets next to “id”:“0”.