Sprite Sheets

Well guys as i create some explosion in adobe after effects and then i created sprite sheet using it but afterwards now i want to create explosion in UE4 using that sprite sheet i cant create it so can someone tell me how to create an explosion using the sprite sheet

Please elaborate i can’t understand the question as to what you would like to know.

I wrote a free book about this! It’s Master the Art of Blueprints - Book #1

Well i want to say that i have created a sprite sheet to create a particle effect in UE4 but i dont know how to use it to create explosion particle effect so can u help me by telling that how to create a explosion particle effect using sprite sheet

Thx Kitatus, and well can u tell when is ur book #3 gonna be out

Soon! No ETA yet but really soon. Definitely before Xmas!

Well what are new topics in the upcoming part of ur book

If you open up the explosion effect that comes in the starter content (if you included it to your project, otherwise create a new project with starter content) you can see that it uses a sprite sheet to create the effect. If you click on the Required module then go to the details panel under material you would assign the material you made (see image 2), then scroll down to “Sub UV”, this is where you would set the sprite sheet settings, to tell cascade how many images are in a row, and how many rows you have in your sprite sheet (see image 1, this is the starter content explosion effect).

Also more info on Sub-UV can be found here:

Hope that helps!

Point and Click game (Ala Telltalle Games’ Walking Dead, Back to the Future .etc) - Rewind Time (ala Prince of Persia), Super Human character (Super Jump, Ground Stomp) and maybe an Inventory System. There’s also going to be some other topics but I’m unsure yet on what to include. I want some fun things to do, so if you come up with any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Kitatus can u include the loading screen system

Thanks for ur help DotCam

That’s in Book #1 already.