Sprite overlap colors

Hi guys,

I am using some sprites with the DefaultLitSpriteMat. The problem I am getting is that, when they overlap, they make an awful darker color band.


Any idea of how to remove that band?

Hey Meta Developer,

Would you mind providing me with steps you took to get to this point so I can reproduce this issue on my end? From the looks of things if you are using a lit sprite material, this appears to be ambient occlusion between your two sprites. Also be sure they are along the same axis and your translucency sorting is set up correctly within your project settings. Since 4.7 we have made some awesome changes to Paper 2d, so you might want to consider upgrading your project as well.

4.8 Release Notes

Let me know if the suggestions were helpful, or if you still need some assistance.



I managed to do it just setting Ambient Occlusion Intensity to 0 in the postproccess options.

Thank you!