Sprite not showing on mobile

I have a 2d game in which I’m able to render:
A background sprite
A static sprite
40+ actor sprites

The game plays well and renders everything perfectly on windows, PIE, Mobile PIE, and Standalone.

When I install the game on my Galaxy S5, the game will render all sprites except for the Background Sprite. It leaves only a black background.

I have it set up exactly like the static sprite, is there a reason one works and not the other?

Hello Quartaroy,

Would you mind providing me with some simple steps to reproduce this in a blank project on my end?

Could you also provide me with some screenshots so I can visualize what you are reporting?

Thank you,

I’ll look into reproducing it in a new project.

Simply put. I dragged in a large texture and a small texture. Created a sprite from each texture, and then put those sprites into the level with a game camera. Then packaged the project to ETC1.

The first image is the game in PIE. The second image is the game on my mobile phone.

I believe I found my issue.

I amateurishly messed up my mobile texture guildelines. I’ll be spending some time fixing the original assets to abide and give an update.

Fixed the issue.

As suspected, my image was not within the constraints of the mobile compression system. Upon making it a base-2, properly sized image, it functions without fault.

How did you do that? What does that even mean? I think I may be having the same issue.

Maybe it’ll be about textures with power of 2, like 32x32, 64x64, 128x256, 512x64 and so on…