Sprite Lit when Unlit

I’m having a bit of a weird issue, I have several Sprites playing different Paper flipbooks. All fine so far.
Recently I’ve added in lighting to my levels and converted the Materials used from Lit to UnLit allowing them to be effected in the level by dynamic lighting.

This works fine of the Sprites but once the are added to a Flipbook the lighting seems to have less of an effect


The Red box is unlit in a level with no lights.
The Green box is unlit in a level with a directional light right in front of the character.

Very slight difference is visible.

Anyone have any ideas? I want the sprites to be consumed by shadows so darkness is the goal.

You may have figured this out already or stopped caring but I had this same issue and needed my sprites to be able to hide in actual shadows in the level. I edited my flipbook default material from MaskedUnlitSpriteMaterial to MaskedLITSpriteMaterial and viola!! My sprites can move in and out of shadows now.

Thanks for the delayed response! Never stopped caring, just decided to not think about it till the core game-play is done. :smiley:


That is not working for me sadly. Still showing in the level. If I drag the textures that make up the flipbook into the level, those individually are effected by shadows, just not as a flipbook. Regardless of what I do it won’t receive light/shadows. I might have messed up the parameters in the default materials ages back. Might re-import them…