Sprite Face Camera?

I have a 2D sprite character that can move along the X and Y axis of the world inside a 3d environment with a fixed 3rd person camera. I want the 2d Sprite character to always be facing the camera so that it doesn’t appear that the sprite is being viewed from an angle and shortening the image? Does anyone know if theres a setting for this or how to go about it?

What you are looking for is called a billboard sprite. There should be some examples in the Blueprint Office example. I am not sure if there is an automatic setup for it as I don’t use it, but there is also math behind it if you want to do it the hard way.

The math should still be applicable.

Maybe one of the more experienced users will answer. I hope this helps.

Wow, so simple, thank you

No probs! I was hoping they had a built in thing, I still think they do.

Bad thing is you need a precise UV mapping because you cannot use the something like “Extract Sprite”