Sprite direction after taking damage

After taking damage my sprite animation flip to other direction as i programed it like that but i want it to not change direction when it take damage.

check in this gif. Death animation is not right as well. Any solution?


Instead of flipping it, just set its direction to face backwards; i.e. instead of direction = -direction, do direction = -1.


Thanks i will try that.

Here are the blueprints. still not able to understand how i can add that into this logic… I followed tutorials but they did not added any solution for this

Animation rotation logic, i just want to not rotate the animation when i add impulse after taking damage.

I’m assuming you want it to always face the current movement direction when taking damage.
Try this for the first picture:

Though, a better solution would be to change the direction of the character based on input instead of velocity. This will simplify things a lot.

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Thanks. Really appreciate your effort. Got the idea.