Sprite creation

I’m trying to create a sprite, and I have the 2d paper option on (and i restarted the program with it on) in the plugins menu but I’m not getting the 2d paper menu when I right click and try to create a sprite. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Please help!!


Hello julmccart,

Just to clarify you have enabled the Paper 2D plugin. Then, when you restart UE4 and right click in the content browser, you do not see the option to create sprites or the 2D roll out menu?

I have a bit more information I would like to gather from you in order to narrow down the list of possibilities.

1.) Does this happen in 4.9?
2.) Is this in a blank project or one that has been copied from 4.9 or earlier?
3.) Can you link me a copy of your DxDiag?
4.) Was this project created from the Launcher from Epics Website or a custom project from GitHub?

After I have this information I will attempt to narrow down what is causing the plugin to not function as expected.