Sprite color change shows wrong color

Hi all,

I’m probably missing something really basic but when I change the color of a sprite using Set Sprite Color (Blueprints), the color I set in the node isn’t the one that the sprite changes to when I run the game. The sprite material is set to translucentunlitspritematerial. The texture it is using is all white. I tried having sRGB on and off but that didn’t make a difference.

Hi Redrage -

pls share some screenshots

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nasser mansoor,

Hi Redrage -

Can you post some screenshots of the differences and your sprite setup?

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Eric Ketchum

Hi guys,

Here are screenshots of the sprite setup, the blueprint that is calling the color change (with color picker) and the result

Done. Please see above. Hopefully you guys can see something I missed.

Hi Redrage -

This looks to be an issue and I have reported it as UE-16928. I will keep you informed here as we investigate a solution to the issue.

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Eric Ketchum

Great, thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing a fix for this!

This has been fixed in https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/commit/69e265580443dde0df7dea25862cdf0ad87a988f and will be a part of 4.9.

Michael Noland

Great! Thanks for letting me know

Hi Eric,
I was testing 4.9 p4 and my game sprite also changed colors. Please take a look to see if the same issue.
The background of my game is an white texture sprite with modified color in editor.
When tried 4.9 p4 all the background went darker.

Hey piXelicidio,

I tested a side by side comparison of identical projects and was definitely seeing what you are reporting, but I also found a snippet of information that is part of the fix.

There is a new advanced property on textures, “Use Legacy Gamma”. All existing textures will maintain their sRGB space as Gamma 2.2, as to not invalidate all DDCs everywhere. Unchecking that will change your textures if set to bSRGB=true, to use the new sRGB conversion and not Gamma 2.2.

Let me know if this helps!


I can confirm this issue - every sprite I recolor with the BP node “Set Sprite Color” changed to a much darker tone than in 4.8.3

Also, creating a sprite and instantly coloring it after it’s creation does not apply within the same rendered frame. Now it seems that it flashes in the original color for one frame and then it gets the right color.

Hey Blue669,

Did you attempt the ‘Use Legacy Gamma’ option I mentioned below.

The second issue you mention sounds like a flipbook rendering issue. Since these sound related, but are different issues. Would you mind providing me with some reproducible steps in a new blank project so I can reproduce what you are reporting on my end?

You could also create a new AnswerHub post and reply with a link to the post. I will be happy to assist you there. When it comes to rendering issues, probably the most beneficial examples user’s can provide are screenshots!

Let me know if you have any other questions.