Sprite Artifacting on Flipbook Character

Hey folks,
I’m working on a small personal project, and I’m trying to get animate Paper 2D character with a custom state machine. Everything is going great, except that the actual sprites are rather nasty to look at, visually. They seem to be rendering with some sort of artifacting:

I have already applied the Paper2D texture settings, and attempted a few other logical fixes, such as forcing noMipmaps, and trying to filter the texture with the Nearest Neighbor setting - but to no avail.
Is it possible that it is because I am working with very small sprites, quite close to the camera? I would prefer that to remain the case, but could live with having to scale things up…


Any suggestions as to what I can do to get the crisp look of the sprite sheet?

This is very old, but posting reply here in case this comes up for anyone on Google like it did for me.

It’s the way the aliasing method was handling the giant pixels.
You can change this in Project Settings > Rendering > Aliasing

MSAA for pixel-perfect rendering and no smoothing.
Since I have 3D models in my project with 2D sprites, I wanted a little bit of smoothing to help the jaggy edges. I settled at FXAA and r.PostProcessAAQuality 2 (type this in console. Open console with ~)

Props to https://twitter.com/megurineuh helping me figure it out!

It is very old, but I am still listening! Thanks for the awesome response!

Amazing!!! I searched a lot solutions. Yours is the best one!!!