Sprinting Time.

Currently trying to make limited sprinting. So i thought maybe i set timer. So i used function Set Timer. But dont seem to quite make it…

Create Variable(Float) in ur BP and name it something like “Stamina”
Compile ur blueprint and set the amount of stamina you want in the float
drag the stamina float out and SET
Drag it out again and GET
Make a Float - Float
Make a Branch
Make a Greater/Less Than >]
Make it look like this. You’ll want different values of course then I have here and names.


You’ll want to tie this into your UMG as well. **In fact… Just go here. [](You’ll want to tie this into your UMG as well. In fact… Just go here. URL=" follow and read this. Follow and read this. This will walk you through adding energy, health, and ammo. at the very least use what I showed you to help u get started. Because you’ll want to see how much stamina u have.

Thank you friend :slight_smile: