Sprinting sound problems

Hi all ! please help me solve a sound problem which occurs when I’m sprinting…first time I used a branch condition for sound sprinting and nothig was working…I don’t know why…and that condition worked in other places… and second I tried to play the sprinting sound by using the animation graph…at the beginning I thought it is working but…maan the sound is starting to play and stop randomly with that method…and I don’t know how else to make the sprinting sound to work properly…can you please help me out with another solution? please? → these are the screenshots of what I’ve tried so far…

I’m not entirely sure, but it seems to me that in the first case when you press Shift the character’s speed needs some time to increase to the value of 300 or more, so the condition would always be False at the moment of pressing Shift. What if you remove the Branch completely and just set the sound to Fade In upon pressing Shift?

I don’t want to play the sprint sound when I’m not over 300 that’s why I used the branch…because if I’m not using the condition, everytime the player is just pressing shift the sound is gonna be played and is not ok at all

I just found this solution for that branch…and now the condition is working…I tested it and is working smoothly…THANK GOD !