Sprint/Stamina Mechanic Trouble

Could anyone take a look at this blueprint and tell me what looks off?

In the upper part, you must add the 2.5 to the current max stamina,not to zero and set that to the new Stamina. Otherwise, max stamina will stay at 2.5 or -2.5.

In Sprint control, is it normal, that the 2 branches for checking, if sprinting is available aren’t connected to an execution graph? You can add them to the event tick graph to check every tick, if sprinting is available. When they aren’t connected to an execution graph, they aren’t gonna used

You can also optimize the second branch in sprint control: if you replace == with <=, then you can remove the second branch and add to false CanSprint=true , because when stamina isn’t <= 0 , it is automatically > 0 and therefore you can sprint.

It doesn’t tick because now you’re adding 5 to 100 not 5 to the current stamina. It only looks like it doesn’t tick. If you want that 5 will be added to the current stamina every tick, you must connect the stamina as a variable node itself in the place where you wrote 100.

You forgot to connect cansprint=false in the second branch for true, and you also forgot to put that second branch behind the 2 string outputs, because now the branch in sprint control won’t be executed

Stamina section is fine, but try to connect canSprint=false with isSprinting=false, then it stops sprinting even if you are pressing the sprint button because stamina reached zero.