SpringArm Smooth Rotation.

Hey all, I’ve recently been trying to learn more and remember certain aspects of unreal and would like to know if anyone here can assist me with something I am struggling with. I have my player camera attached to a springarm and want it to smooth rotate on the X axis when the player is holding down either Q or E. I have so far managed to get it to rotate but sharply and instantly. If anyone would be kind enough to guide me through this or write up/demonstrate a way to do so it would be much appreciated. Thank you

Linked below is my terrible blueprint for rotating it currently aha.

Thank you to anyone willing to help. It is much appreciated.

  • Hyperion

Create axis mapping (Project Settings > Input > Bindings > Axis Mapping):

Annotation 2020-05-23 071801.jpg

Use said mapping:

In addition, you can Enable Camera Rotation Lag on the springarm. [HR][/HR]
If it’s not for a *Pawn *and you do not want to use Control Rotation, do tell. If you *must *use action mapping instead (Pressed / Released), also do tell but things will get more spaghetti since one would need to wire *Tick *to a Gate.

I mean this works just as good to be honest. I did want it so the character didn’t rotate so only the spring arm/camera would around the player. If you have the time to explain it that way then please do so. Either way its much appreciated.

For the 3rd person you could do this: