SpringArm LockOnSystem

I am currently struggling with the close combat lock on system of my third person game. While locking on to a target I toggle the value of “Use Pawn Control Rotation” of my spring arm ( to which camera is attached ) which suddenly changes the position of camera (brings the camera behind the player) . I was actually willing to change that sudden transition from one position to another to a smooth one but I could not come up with any idea . How can I smoothly change the camera position while locking on to enemy and restricting ( partially ) player mouse input .

You can use the Lerp node to smoothly change the position of the camera.

But which values should I change for the lerp (rotation , socket offset , target offset…) . I want to do what will happen if “Use Pawn Control Rotation” of my spring arm is toggled to false . I just want a smooth transition .