SpringArm Camera Lag stuttering

Hello everyone, i’m experiencing a bit of an issue with the spring arm on 4.25 and 4.26:
as soon as i enable the “Camera Lag” it stutters when my vehicle goes at slow speed, it works fine when it goes fast and it disappears if i leave only “Rotation lag” enabled…

Any idea on how to fix this thing that didn’t happen in 4.21?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Well I was having the same problem. I walked through many forums and didn’t find the solution. And I thought “if I find it I’ll help someone.” Well, I found the solution myself. I changed the option “Camera Lag Max Time Step” to zero (actually it automatically changes to 0.005) but it solves the problem

I never done vehicle pawn, so i am not sure about this.
But for character pawn camera arm stutter was usually caused by two concurrent (and different)
updates to camera rotation or position.

For characters it was usually happening when in properties it was enabled to rotate to pawn orientation, then blueprints rotated it another way.

This “stutter depends of speed” reminded me that, with character it was changing with movement direction.

So it is worth checking if there is more than single thing that updates direction of camera arm.