SpringArm breaks Character standing on PhysX enabled object

I am updating my marketplace content for 4.11 using preview 7 build (EDIT: RECHECKED WITH PREVIEW 8, STILL A PROBLEM).

As part of said update I noticed that the ability to stand on moving PhysX enabled vehicles was lost. It worked fine in 4.10. I could spawn on moving vehicle and walk around on it. In 4.11 the character stays in place while the vehicle moves (even clips through collision).

After hours of pulling my hair out I noticed that the bug went away after I removed SpringArm from the vehicle.

I know this sounds bizarre so I created a demo project for you to replicate the bug.

This is the download link

Instructions are included in the project.

Hi Irakli,

Thank you for the report and the fantastic test project, I was easily able to reproduce the issue. I’ve created JIRA UE-28753 for the issue and our developers will be investigating further.



Thanks! Hopefully 4.11 won’t have it on release, might be a deal breaker to many platformers and other projects

What is the goal of the SpringArmComponent in this setup? It has no children/attached components, so I’m not sure what it’s trying to keep at a fixed distance.

I do get strange behavior that I’m investigating however. The character will move up and down with the mesh, but not forward along the floor, is that what you are seeing?


This is just a repro. If it makes any difference to you imagine that the mesh you stand on is a PhysX enabled vehicle you can stand on and it has a springArm with a camera attached to it.
My content, that I am trying to test for compatibility with 4.11 contains such vehicle, and part of the demo is that you can get out of the vehicle while it is moving and walk around on (and sometimes inside it). This functionality has been broken in 4.11. The problem is exactly as you described: The character movement component respects the vertical position changes of the mesh it is standing on, but completely ignores all horizontal movements of the vehicle, making it stay in place and fall out/off the vehicle. The problem goes away if you remove the springArm, which I would not like to do, I use it to look around the vehicle in third person view (+ I see no reason why presence of springArm in the mesh I am standing on should ever change the behavior of my character movement)

Please let me know if you need additional input


Did this issue get fixed or is the answer accepted because it resulted in a bug ticket?

Because a bug ticket was created. We generally resolve the issue at that point and if you would like an update later on, comment back here and it will send me a notification. Just keep in mind that some bug fixes can take some time to track down and complete. They also get prioritized by severity (showstopper, crash, etc).

However, if you would like to leave this open for a few days to see if Zak has further questions we can, but if he posts back it would reopen the issue anyway.

Ok, sounds reasonable. Would there be a way to know whether the bug will be fixed by 4.11 release or not. It may influence how I decide to update my content for 4.11.

I’m not sure. When it will be fixed depends on how in depth it will need to be investigated and how difficult the fix is to implement.

I can say that it is very unlikely, at this point, to make it into 4.11.0 because of time constraints.

Hi Irakli,

This has now been fixed internally. You should see it working properly in a future update. We are pushing for it to be released sooner, rather than later but I can’t guarantee which version it will be in…

That is great to hear TJ, hope so see it in the nearest update. This was a strange bug though, cant even imagine why it was happening