Spring vs Summer

What season do you look forward to the most? I like summer better because I like the summer heat.

Not really a fan of heat or cold tbh. People running marathons in high heat temp humidity, hello WTF? :stuck_out_tongue:
Have mostly been living without seasons now for some time, and honestly no complaints whatsoever!
Climate change added to brutal summers / winters at sea level means there’s no reason to look back.:wink:

I agree, summer can be a bit brutal now. But I guess, some benefits are still there.

It is interesting to hear your opinion. I found this article online that might interest you. Go have a look at it. 7 Simple Summer Health Benefits / Evolving Wellness

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I don’t like summer much, I prefer winter

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I prefer summer over spring! My allergies during the springtime are pretty much unbearable. :sneezing_face: