"Spring State" compiler error

Hello all,

I was working on a little project when I began to get a compiler error. It didn’t effect the launcher or anything during the building phase, but now I need to package out and I cannot because there is an issue with a “Spring State” pin…I have searched everywhere and deleted out entirely FP character, weapons…but still have this compiler error. Any ideas? Thanks

“Spring State” is a default, startup content naming convention - I didn’t name anything this. I was thinking it would be a state machine related to the gun or arm animation, but cannot find anything named this. I’ve gone through all Blue Prints individually and everything compiles. I’ve deleted all template related folders and even migrated everything out to a new project, but still getting the same error…

Just to bring an update with myself and hopefully resolve for the sake of others - when I try to PIE, I’m met with a message: "One or more blueprints has an unresolved compiler error, are you sure you want to Play in Editor?
Chair3 "

“Chair3” is my actual project file. Besides world settings, I’m not sure how to actually edit this to remove this compiler error…