Spring Jumper

Hi all!

This is the game we made for the April/2016 UE4Jam. The theme was “Spring into the future”.

Download link

You start inside a lush valley in **spring **season. Follow the the river that **springs **nearby towards the mysterious and futuristic “The City”, **springing **through spring-based jump pads.

You can also move objects ahead or backward in time to put them in or out your way, as needed. But overdo it and they will crumble!

The game turned out to be too difficult after the first waterfall. We had a lot of work with level design (placing and testing all those jump pads took a lot of time), we should have made a smaller map so we could playtest it better. Lesson learned! So if you manage to finish it, consider yourself l33t.

The game plays in first person view. Our opinion is that an immersive first person view would make this game interesting in VR.

All assets that aren’t from Epic samples were made by us, except for the music (which is by Ars Sonor at freemusicarchive.org) and a couple sound effects (from freesound.org).

Controls are presented via in-game tutorial, but if you skip them, here they are:

  • WASD moves.
  • Space bar jumps.
  • Holding space bar uses jetpack. Its fuel is very limited, but some pickups restore it. These pickups do not respawn.
  • Left-click or right-click on a moving platform moves it ahead or backward in time. It loses “health” the longer you do this and eventually crumbles (forever).

Special thanks to Rama for a little help with destructibles! :slight_smile:

Tools used:

  • 3ds max
  • Krita
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • World Machine

Team members:

Jefferson Pinheiro (Ixiguis)
Jackson Pinheiro (VelhoeBomJoe)
Richard Schwambach (gasdo)

Woohooo! Weee! Platformer Fun!

Dear Ixiguis,


This is a lot of fun!

I love platformers and this one is great fun! I miss the days of intense platforming, and this is an excellent 3D platformer!

I always love your games cause they have that old school feel and difficulty level that really makes you practice and learn and grow :slight_smile:

I hope you turn this into a whole game at some point!

Below is a screen shot of one of my favorite scenes.

Please tell Jackson I love the environment work, it’s very pretty!

On the code side, that little boost you give when players just walk off the ledge of something is a really nice touch and perfect for the game.


Also checkpoint is very nice :slight_smile:

Great job Ixiguis!

The moving platforms at bottom of waterfall = Rock on! hardcore!