spring controller jitter

Hello dear community,

I made a post on the answers hub regarding this spring controller jitter - UE4 AnswerHub but I thought Id also look into the forums to ask your combined wisdom.

There seems to be an issue with animBP spring controller and global translations of character. Im using it to add breast physics to my character. Its already behaving much much nicer than the physicsAsset. So what I do is add spring controller to those joints instead. But the problem is that when the character is moving, or standing on something that moves, the spring bones start to jitter and glitch very badly. When walking or running it isnt that much noticeable, tho its still there, but in this case (see video) its really obvious that something isnt been calculated right. I tried setting substepping, but that didnt affect it at all.

Here’s a link to a youtube video I made showing the issue and talking a bit about it.

‘v=’ link:

Any Ideas why this is happening and how to prevent it? Id also like some more in-depth documentation about nodes like the spring controller, maybe an api doc with technical data and physics/math insight?

link to fullres image



Sorry i cant listen video but , did you tryed to subsstepping ? not subspepping async

yes I tried that…
I already tried:

  • limit displacement small/large values, on and off
  • error reset thresh small/large
  • dampen and stiffness values small/large
  • project settings > physics > substepping, delta time small/large values and other configurations…

non had any positive effect.

Make your breast bones kinematic in phat

just tried it, doesnt affect anything if I do that… I thought it would then have the bones inherit some phat stats and have the substepping affect their spring controller influence. but no, nothing changed.
Im afraid the spring controller node is just not perfectly implemented… just hope they will look into my bug report on answersHub and improve the node behavior.

Any other thoughts?

i am using same node too but only for breast upper. now i will add spring controllers for end’s too.

aye cheers, let me know what you come up with.

I made alot off testt and i can tell you its bugged at 4.10.

but i tested with mine settings. I cant see any jittering and bug . can you try this settings too ?
Breast_end same as yours
breast_upper 's are
stiffness 220
damping 4.75
error reset 256
and max dispalcement 5

Edit: i remember you. i am fan of your rigs( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) let me know if you get it fixed

hey man, thanks for testing.
Just made a quick test in 4.9.2 and its also jittering.
You are using my setup then I assume?

Just tested your settings, looks slightly different, but the jitter didnt dissapear. How are you testing it? did you put your character on a moving platform? Thats when you can clearly see it. Have the platform move at about 75% of your characters default running speed. For anyone else to test: I just made a 4.9 test using the TPP template and just adding a spring controller with my settings to the head bone. works well enough to test.

If you guys face the same type of behavior, would be cool if you cold add in your words to my answersHub ticket so the people from epic can actually look at it.

PS: haha nice thanks, always cool to meet a fella from youtube :wink:

I tested with moving platform.i realised mine breasts doesnt counter move to movement. (because i deleted mine phat asset).

I recreated phat and tested. its like overwriting mine spring controller. I will try to fix it.

And no i didnt used your setup. I only used settings that in picture of first post

edit: its still not countering movement. its only working for characters animations.

As far as I know the phat works entirely detached from a spring controller so there shouldnt be any correlation. Apart from the fact that phat will override spring controller since it operates further down the chain of events.

Ok i got it working with movement and yes its bugged.(or we missed a step.)
i am going to up your answerhub (commend) i hope devs will figgure it out

excellent, thanks mate!

Maybe this is related to Animation Jitter? - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums ?

nope, thats a completely different issue.