Spring arm Z axis


Is there a simple way to stop Z-axis movement on the topdowncharacter Spring arm, as I’d like to prevent Z -axis camera movement whenever the character jumps.

many thanks!

A couple of solutions come to mind, here’s the 1st:

  • create a new Camera Manager in the Content Browser and override it in the Player Controller

  • this new actor - MyCameraManager overrides Blueprint Update Camera

  • ticking Return Value (bottom right) overrides whatever the camera is up to - this bit is critical
  • we’re placing the camera 300uu behind its view target
  • and override Z with a flat value that will not change

Image from Gyazo

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Another solution:

A bit ham-fisted but it will work OK, I guess.

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ham fists are fine, it works! many thanks Everynone :slight_smile: