Spring Arm with camera lag still stiff

I have a SpringArm setup to follow a car and it works OK except for the fact that no matter how much Camera [Rotation] Lag Speed I put in it won’t properly work. When I turn the car, the camera stays fixed on the chassis - making it look awkward – the car needs to rotate a bit before the camera starts following it.

Use Controller View Rotation is off, I’m inheriting from all axes, Enable Camera Lag is on (Rotation as well) with various big values put in. This is a problem for the Vehicle Game 4.2 example project.

What am I missing?

The scalar you give for lag seems to work in the inverse. I find 10 gives good results for the speed of my game and 5 is too much lag to play well

Hei, I had the same problem; the camera moved instantly whatever value I set for CameraRotationLagSpeed, on my USpringArmComponent. Turns out I didn’t set bEnableCameraRotationLag and that needs to be set to true.

Also, larger values of CameraRotationLagSpeed make your camera lag less, like @rodstone already said in his reply… years ago. I’m not surprised if this comes a little too late for you, @valentingalea, but hopefully it’s useful for someone :slight_smile:

old thread, I know, but since it comes up when searching for camera lag not working…

in my case I accidentally had activated “Use Pawn Control Rotation” under “Camera Options” of the camera itself.
After deactivating, the rotational lag worked as expected.


Thank you, this solved my problem. Unchecking this and lowering the lag to around 10 made it work