Spring Arm Rotation Lag causes temp roll in camera component

I’m trying to use a standard spring arm / camera component setup.

It works quite well, I’m using inherit pitch and inherit yaw but the spring arm rotation lag is causing the camera to roll in world space as it interpolates between positions (I can see it visually and print it out using get world rotation). As you’d expect, the roll smooths itself to zero, but I’m trying to avoid any camera component roll altogether.

  • pawn world rotation roll is always 0
  • no inherit roll
  • player camera manager set min/max roll to 0

PS. It seems to be the same if I turn off spring arm rotation lag and then do it manually by setting the camera component to set absolute rotation and rinterping the camera to my pawn’s world rotation.

Spring arm is affected by gimbal lock, and when it approaches critical rotation values roll is changed to resolve this issue. Without the lag it is not visible.