Spring arm length to Depth of Field Focal distance.

Hello I have been trying to workout a system for my game which maintains a focal distance to the spring arm, so the character doesn’t get blurred with the depth of field as you scroll out, I have the scrolling out all sorted, but cant seem to find a function in the camera after getting it to set the depth of field or the focal region, let alone bind it to the springarm value.

so I am left wondering is such a thing even possible in BP or is there a way to say, grab the DOF off a post process volume and do it that way?

Get Spring Arm length from the component. Next get your cam reference and call Set PP Settings as on screenshot. Find from the list Focal Distance and set Override FocalDistance to true.

Hope that will help u :slight_smile:

2014-12-23 20-53-33 MyCharacter .png

thanks a ton, it didn’t fully do it, but pointed me in the right direction, compiling led to the error

which led me to this

once copied and pasted into the event graph it seems to work.