Spring Arm Component: How does TargetArmLength work compared to SocketOffset?

Hi everybody,

why is there a parameter TargetArmLength in SpringArm?

This arm seems to work only in X direction and there seems to be no advantage compared to SocketOffset. Furthermore, it is undocumented that setting TargetArmLength to zero deactivates collision avoidance, although the SocketOffset would still do a great job. I am not sure if this is incorrect behaviour or I just haven’t understood. I’d appreciate if anyone could explain the difference between these two parameters (i. e. TargetArmLength vs. SocketOffset) to me.


The SpringArm is responsible for the collision checks.

The Offset is just there to move the camera a bit while still maintaining the Arm pivot centered on the character itself.

Well, to be honest, that doesn’t sound like an answer. Perhaps my question was a little bit unclear: What is the difference between the parameters TargetArmLength and SocketOffset?