Spring Arm Component Behavior not deactivating.

Hey everyone, So I have two cameras attached to my character, one of which is attached to a spring arm component, and the spring arm is attached to the root. My second camera is not attached to either, but inherits from the character. On a right mouse click down I lerp the first camera in from a TPS view and when it reaches its target, I activate the second camera, which is attached to a socket I placed on the player’s head, and deactivate the first. Along with that I also set the spring arm’s bUsePawnControlRotation to false and the second camera’s bUsePawnControlRotation to true. The behavior I would expect here is an entirely natural FPS cam, however I am more than sure the spring arm component is still influencing the camera movement. When I rotate the character around, the camera pans out as if the spring arm is still pushing it back. I’ve searched answers to this, but found no real solutions. Anybody know whats going on here?

Have you tried detaching the camera from the spring arm?

A video would be good to help understand your problems

That would make sense, however the camera that the behavior is occurring on is not the one attached to the spring arm, it is attached to the base mesh of the character. The camera attached the the spring arm component at that point is no longer active.

Yeah, I’ll get a video together.