Spring arm component arm length longer with rotation?

Hey everyone, so I’m trying to implement a TPS to FPS toggle in C++. I’ve had experience doing this sort of thing, but in other Engines, not Unreal. I’ve managed to achieve what I wanted by interpolating the SpringArmLength of my camera on Tick. That being said, I noticed that the FPS view stops working when I rotate 180 degrees and by that I mean, when I rotate around the player, camera does not stay in front of it, but ends up right behind it’s neck. The only reason I can think of for this is that the springarmlength doesn’t rotate around the player in a perfect circle, but more like an ellipse, hence interpolating the same distance when rotated wouldn’t put the camera in the front. I’m not sure how to go about solving this as I don’t see anything helpful in the spring arm component api. Should I perhaps set bUsePawnControlRotation to false on the spring arm?

Note: These tests were done without any objects nearby so rest assure the camera is not colliding, compressing, with anything.