Spring arm changes character rotation

I have a camera with a spring arm attached to my character. I have disabled inheriting of pitch,yaw and roll from it and unchecked “Use Pawn Control Rotation”. In the first GIF you see me increasing the pitch of my character without the camera changing its rotation. Its working as intended. In the second GIF u see the camera configured to have the same pitch and yaw (not roll) as my character. As you see the this changes the way my pitch is applied and the rotation gets all weird. What am I missing?

Working rotation: https://i.imgur.com/IBsGjku.mp4
Not working rotation: https://i.imgur.com/DA51s2q.mp4

  1. Screen shots of the set-up, especially the details panel
  2. What are you trying to achieve? You say the first set-up works as intended, the second set-up does weird stuff…what’s the issue? Use the first set-up if that’s what you want?
  3. Also you realize that with a spring arm things work a little differently. The player character or wherever the end of your spring arm is becomes the focal point of rotation. So it doesn’t directly rotate the camera angle while keeping the camera in the same world location, it rotates the “arm” to match the specified rotation of the character which translates into the camera actually having a different world position.