Spring Arm Attach to Camera

Greetings… I’m new to UDK and have been going through a lot of the tutorials from both the Community and Epic. They’ve been fantastic and making things easier to understand and use.

I went to start on my own Blueprint Player where I wanted to create it from scratch to understand how it is built.
I have the collision capsule, player mesh, camera and spring arm.

My question though it may be simple is eluding me. How do I attach the end of the spring arm to the front middle of the camera. Actually how do I attach the camera to the spring arm at all. So if I move the camera in the components the spring arm follows it? Thus changing the spring arm length and so on will also move the camera location?
Or am I trying to hard and I just place the camera at the end of the spring arm and make it a sub component of the spring arm and the engine will keep it there if I change the spring arm or move the camera?

Thanks in advance and I’m enjoying all the tutorials…



Hello! When you are in the component pane of your Blueprint where you have your cam and spring arm and mesh. in the top left corner where the names of each component are you can drag and drop certain components on top of each other and, they will join together in a single component tree also they become attached. For example grab your cam click and hold drag it on top of the spring arm and you should see it highlight and when you let go a drop down arrow will appear showing only one component name but if you tick the small white arrow you will see the name of the joined component under the current hope this helps.

Thank you. It does :slight_smile:

Thanks Medina! I was experiencing this problem too while following a tutorial and I missed him lay the camera on top of the springarm rather than under it like I did. Many thanks!