Spread main connection into two nodes?

I want to immediately fire the toggle visibility on the picture, but also after 0.2 seconds to set the boolean node to zero. I am doing it in a simple way on the picture, but in any other conditions how can this be possible?

Sequence probably:

does sequence requires 1 to completely be done and then proceed to 2 ?

my method is good but I reach a problem where I need a big gap between delay timers. On the picture you see Reset boolean node will be set to 0 after 0.5 seconds and on the other node request delay is 0.500001 seconds which should pass without problem however it does not.

The gap i need to set is larger than 0.02 seconds and this is a lot, for example if I set left delay to 0.4799 and right to 0.5 everything will work fine and signal will be passed to False from the branch (the way I want to be)

if by any chance I reset the whole process at this exact 0.02 seconds I will have bad result

actually it fails, it kinda works like sequence, I still need to fire from pin and just at the same time to start a delay for another place


Nope. I will disagree with this, also. Judging by what’s been shown in your threads, the approaches you opt for are very inefficient, cumbersome and prone to having little debugging nightmares to boot. Sorry to rain on your parade.

You can absolutely not apply that logic. Just the floating point errors will make this method useless, not to mention other systems involved… You cannot rely on Delay delivering results between frames. That just would never work. As in, it would not work correctly.
My advice is to completely rethink the approach, I’m almost certain you’re tying to brute-force something trivial that has an efficient solution, potentially more than one.

Perhaps describe in detail what you’re trying to achieve. Folks will be willing to chip in with some clever solutions. At least consider it.

my BP is a loop, and if I start it again with different text I have a mess of two signals lighting up my lamps and turning them off at the same time
I try to find a way to cut the loop process if I start a new process for same loop

I attach the blueprint archived with winRAR and changed the letters after the dot to .txt, reverse them to .rar load it in a project, its all set up once u pull it in game scene you can start play and press 1, the english alphabet will start to roll A, B, C, D … in a loop

if you press 2 then numbers from 0-9 will start roll in that loop, however something doesnt work very right and you may get stuck at 0 on the screen then you need to press number 2 on the keyboard again

you dont really need to dig in the blueprint just see where the “2 keyboard” node is pulled 2 times, and one is to set the boolean to zero after 0.4 seconds, this need to be 0.5 or at least 0.499999 and trigger at the same time with the other “2 keyboard” node, or the way I showed in a picture above - straight away fire to set visibility for lights but at the same time trigger a delay of 0.5 seconds to turn the Reset boolean to zero

Just simply stop any process in the current loop once I set new text into a initial variable which will then process to same loop. However there are delay nodes inside the loop and may change things for the new process once the old signal pass it’s delay current.

I will try the sequence method in a moment as you suggested

I never reach 2nd phase of Sequence node, because I am stuck in first, I need to set the Reset boolean to “zero” earlier than 0.5 seconds after it was set to “one” but I also need the process signal to continue immediately, not to wait for it 0.5 seconds too

edit: so later in the loop while process is at it’s delay node of 0.5 seconds, this 0.49 delay will be completed will be set the reset boolean to zero and the main signal process will AFTER this finish it;s 0.5 seconds delay and be checked if boolean is zero and as it should be - continue process