Sporadic crash when starting editor


When starting Unreal Editor v4.12.5 it will sometimes crash - occasionally BSOD, or sometimes just disappear completely. Sometimes it will start cleanly.

The project is basically an empty project.

I’ve attached the crashdump and various files.

I should add that its the launcher based editor NOT a built from source editor, also run on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

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  • Does this happen in every project, or only one particular?
  • Could you provide your dxdiag?
  • Have you ensured to update your graphics drivers to the latest?


This project is basically the default blueprint project with starter content.

I attach the dxdiag.

Interestingly I’ve built the editor from source, and that doesn’t seem to have any problems…

Graphics Drivers are all upto date (as far as I’m aware)

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Could you do me a favor and test this in the 4.13 preview to see if you get the same crash occurring?


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