Spoiler/Collapse Code for Forums

It would be very convenient if the forums would allow you to use Spoiler tags in posts; for those unfamiliar, it’s a frequent feature in forums that allows you to hide parts of your post in a collapsed portion of the post which users can optionally open to see the contents within.

In my case I’m specifically asking so that I can hide or miniaturize the large screenshots in my game thread; as it’s pretty obnoxious when you go to the post and it loads in all the screenshots, constantly moving your position on the page.

Alternatively, the ability to cap the size of the images and allow users to view them full size, or micro-size the images and allow them to be lightboxed would also be useful.

Thank you for your time.


This is technically possible, as zeOrb demonstrated, but it would be neat to add toolbar buttons for it. That, and strikethrough.

have you tried using the SHOT tag with your images?, it doesn’t micro-size them but it does reduce the size and has the “click to see full size”.

[Spoiler]Interesting, I tried typing the spoiler tag a few weeks back, but it didn’t work… and since the button was never added, I assumed it wasn’t a feature didn’t work; however, I definitely wasn’t aware of using the ability to use shot [Shot]


It’s like magic. Shot gets pretty messed up though - I guess that shot requires a the post to be uploaded somewhere else on the web, or uploaded to the post and then the URL of the attachment retroactively used (Which is what I did here)?